Bespoke commissions. National Honours. Royal Orders.

Vaughtons have been pouring over 200 years experience into creating the perfect finishing pieces for some of the most prestigious clients in history. Delivering the highest quality craftsmanship for generations, we take great pride in providing our clients with stunning pieces and excellent service from start to finish.

Commissions designed and created to your specifications.

From royalty to the Olympics, Vaughtons have been entrusted with crafting some of the most spectacular specialist jewels, medals, and more.

Surpassing expectations for generations.

Vaughtons 1819 continues to follow the same guidelines and perfectionisms which it achieves by combining traditional techniques with new and innovative methods to produce a range of finishes to improve the appearance and functionality of your products. Using our in-house design team, we can work with your requirements and design intent and utilise our knowledge to offer concepts that are beautifully hand crafted by an experienced British manufacturer.

Our passion is perfection.

We are a family owned British business with one aim; supplying superb quality products delivered on time, with standards of service others find hard to match. Our process is exhaustive and accountable at every stage, so we ensure you only ever receive the very best. We guarantee that you will receive great value for money, with high quality products manufactured in the UK.

Bespoke commissions

We pride ourselves on being able to adapt to each and every one of our client’s requests and developing and designing techniques to ensure a flawless finish that lasts. Work with us to create your ideal component.