The choice for bespoke British design and manufacture for centuries

The company has faithfully maintained the standards of quality, attention to detail and service that were set over two centuries ago, and the company has continued to grow substantially in the bespoke jewellery, insignia, medals and state gifts sector.

Crafting something unique to you

As luxury goldsmiths, silversmiths and master craftsmen, Vaughtons 1819 specialise in bespoke commissions for corporations, individuals and organisations. Each piece is designed in consultation with the client and handcrafted at our purpose-built workshops in the jewellery quarter in Birmingham, England.

At Vaughtons, we always start with your initial ideas and develop these with you all the way through to manufacture. Our expert designer can produce concepts for you to visualise your product before it is made. We also offer guidance on how to use the most suitable manufacturing methods to best achieve your desired result. The service is applied for both new projects and updating current items.

Creating work for an international stage

In 1906, we made our most notable mark on history. The eruption of Mount Vesuvius meant that the Olympic Games were to be moved from Rome to London. This meant that the UK was soon to be full of the best athletes in the world…and Vaughtons would create the best medals.

Due to our outstanding reputation for expert craftmanship, we were given the honour of creating the Olympic medals. As each medal was a symbol of triumph, greatness and the determination to be the best, Vaughtons creating the medals was a match made in heaven. 

Replicas, refurbishments and reimaginings

Our prolific work continued when we were asked to create a replacement FA Cup in 1895. The cup had been won by Aston Villa when it was stolen from a local display. The grandson of our founder, Howard Vaughton, was a renowned player for Aston Villa at the time and secured us the commission. The cup had to match the original, made by Martin, Hall & Co, Sheffield, and Vaughtons delivered. The replacement cup was still in use until 1910 when it was presented to Lord Kinnaird for his 21 years of service as FA President.

Using the trades perfected by our craftsmen, we can offer a repair and refurbishment service that allows our customers to restore their items to their original state. This service is available on a variety of items such as jewels, car badges, chains of office, medals and more.

We are able to refurbish all elements of these items; enamel, hand paintings, plating, repairs and more.

Royal commissions

In addition to our Great British Royal Warrants, we have worked with royalty around the globe. In 1991, Vaughtons working with sister firm WH Darby had the opportunity to quote for manufacturing insignia to replace those stolen by the Iraqis from the Kuwait Royal Family during the first Gulf War. The company won the order and have grown their relationships with Royal Families throughout the world.

The finishing touches

We can produce bespoke cases which can be made in any size you require. They are mainly leatherette lined but can also be real leather lined if required in a variety of colours and blocked inside and out with your own logo, crest and text.

Our cases can also feature a fitted insert that allows the medal or jewel to fit comfortably in a recess taken from its outer shape. This is a superb way to present that special item. These cases also mean that your items are stored and transported correctly, protecting them from damage.

Vaughtons can also create beautiful bespoke ribbons, bars and collars to make the most of your piece.

Vaughtons is committed to achieving perfection. Our reputation preceeds us.