Founded in Birmingham, England, 1819.

Vaughtons was founded back in the early 19th Century by Philip Vaughton. The company was originally named ‘P. Vaughton’, working out of Little Hampton Street in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham. In 1897 the firm had been renamed to ‘Vaughton Brothers’ and had relocated to 135 Constitution Hill where the company was listed as a ‘Buttonmaker, Medallist and Mint’.

Goldsmiths, medallists, craftsmen.

For the next 36 years, Vaughtons were documented in various locations. Then, in 1903 Vaughtons relocated to an impressive purpose-built factory, ‘Vaughtons Gothic Works’ on Livery Street in the Jewellery Quarter, which is still located there today.

Just like the custom-built building we work in, our work delivers on bespoke, quality creations. Our expert craftsmen offer unique solutions for clients and will work with you to find your desired patina.

‘To this day it is an impressive building…’

An Olympic feat

In 1906 Mount Vesuvius erupted, meaning that the 1908 Olympic Games were no longer to be held in Rome but were now to be hosted in London. This meant that the Games of the IV Olympiad, commonly known as London 1908, were about to be home to not only the best athletes of the world but also the best medal work. So just as Mount Vesuvius had made its mark on history on so many occasions, Vaughtons made its mark on London 1908. Our expert craftsmanship and legacy of perfection led to us manufacturing the Olympic medals, each one of them a symbol of triumph, of greatness and of the unfaltering determination to be the best, something that Vaughtons were the natural fit for.

Servicing some of the most superior manufacturers

Vaughtons was the original supplier to Rolls-Royce for automotive badges, proudly displayed on some of the greatest British bonnets. Vaughtons create and continue to innovate the automotive badges for the inimitable Aston Martin and more, and have done so for over 60 years. Evolving and developing unique new finishes, and building on knowledge passed down through the generations.

Bespoke manufacture for royalty, at home and away.

Our specialist jewels are revered internationally by some of the highest ranking officials there are, who appreciate their high quality and our uncompromising quest for perfection. We are a family owned British business with one aim; supplying superb quality products delivered on time, with standards of service others find hard to match.

Sporting greats

Our sporting prestige runs through the company’s heritage, designing and manufacturing medals, trophies and more.

We had the privilege of manufacturing the FA Cup, a feat that was in no small part thanks to the Grandson of our founder, Howard Vaughton, a man that still shares the record for the most goals scored in an England International game.

Vaughtons currently also manufacture medals for international competitions such as the RBS 6 Nations, the Premier League and more.

Bespoke commissions

At Vaughtons 1819 we feel it is integral to offer our customers a service that starts with your initial ideas and thoughts, all the way through to manufacture.

Our designer can produce design concepts so you are able to visualise your product before it is made. Not only this, but we are also able to offer you guidance on how to use the most suitable manufacturing methods to best achieve your desired result. We offer this service for both new projects and updating current items.